Welcome to Wilshire Country Club. We are a private Member club and only invited guests of our Members may visit. To ensure an enjoyable visit, we respectfully request all visitors follow the Club’s rules and guidelines.



  • Please provide your name with the Guard Gate and they will direct you to the pro shop to check in.
  • Leave your clubs at the bag drop location.
  • We ask our golfing guests to avoid changing shoes or clothes in the parking lot. Our locker room staff will be happy to assign you a complimentary locker for your use throughout the day.


  • For those attending a Social or Dining event, please enter the front doors of our Club and the concierge will direct you to your function area.
  • If you are meeting a Member, please ask the concierge to direct you to the correct meeting point upon arrival.

Cell Phone Usage

  • With the exception of emergency use, cell phone conversations may only take place in the parking lot or the Card Room of the Clubhouse. Please be courteous of our Members and other guests.
  • Silent use of media devices is acceptable throughout our property but we ask that you remain mindful of those around you.

Dress Code

  • Hats must face bill-forward when worn. Hats and visors must be removed while in the Clubhouse.
  • Shorts are permitted so long as they are Bermuda or walking style shorts no higher than four inches above the middle of the knee.
  • All shirts must have a collar, a mock neck, a turtleneck or jewel neckline, and must be tucked in at all times.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times when on Club premises. Flip-flops are not permitted. Golf shoes must have non-penetrating spikes.
  • Denim in good taste is permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse and Patios. Denim is NOT permitted during any golf activity. Denim must be in good repair with no holes, rips, tears, tatters, frays, acid wash, handwritten messages, pictures, or inappropriate messages.
  • The following clothing is not permitted on property: short shorts, tennis, athletic or jogging shorts, cut-off slacks, ripped or ill-fitting denim, sweat pants, t-shirts, tank tops and halter tops.

On behalf of our Members and Board of Directors, we hope you enjoy your day at Wilshire Country Club.