2017 Wilshire Invitational


42nd Wilshire Invitational Champions 

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Thursday, October 5th – 9-hole event at 3:00-1st tee closes at 12:00

Friday, October 6th- 27 holes

Saturday, October 7th- 18 holes and Derby


The Wilshire Invitational will be celebrating its 42nd year and is one of the majors on Wilshire's tournament calendar. There is an informal 9-hole event on Thursday that kicks off the event and the tournament starts on Friday and runs through Saturday and is comprised of 60 teams split into 10 flights.  The 10 flight winners will then play in a three-hole derby to determine the overall Champions. The initial field is determined by a lottery held following the Bradley Cup on Saturday, August 19th.


60 Two-man teams will be divided into ten flights, based on each team's cumulative handicap. Each team will play a 9-hole Better Ball of Partners match against the other five teams in their flight. The winners of each flight will determined by the highest cumulative point total of their respective flight.

All play from the tournament markers

Each hole is worth 1 point and a bonus point is awarded to the team that wins the 9-hole match


The Wilshire Invitational Winner will be decided by a twelve team, three-hole Scotch derby Saturday afternoon from the ten flight winners and two wild cards. All teams of the Derby Win-Place-Show flights present at the Awards presentation will receive the share of the flight pool payout.


USGA Rules Apply

Handicap based on low index of the last twelve months as of September 1, 2017. The maximum handicap differential for team partners shall be 9 strokes and the high handicapper will play to the adjusted handicap.

Entry Fee

$1300 per team