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Founded in 1919 and set in the historic Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, Wilshire Country Club was designed by Norman Macbeth as a links golf course with a natural stream running throughout, giving the course its unmistakable character and challenge. Wilshire, throughout the years, has hosted many great tournaments and groups such as the LA Open, the Senior PGA and the LPGA. The course remains a wonderful testament to great course design and remains one of Southern California's golf gems.



Wilshire Country Club has enjoyed a rich history as an integral part of the City of Los Angeles. Located in the heart of the Hollywood area, its golf and social membership have long included some of the area’s most distinguished business leaders and citizens. Nearing its 100th Anniversary in 2019, the Club has played a prominent role in the development of the prestigious Hancock Park neighborhood where it proudly originated in 1919.



The Club is founded by a few prominent local Los Angeles businessmen on land owned by G. Allan Hancock. The club house and golf course officially opens in December 1919. In 1925 Beverly Blvd. bisects through the center of the golf course dividing the front and back nine. An underground tunnel is built connecting the two halves of the golf course. The Los Angeles Open selects Wilshire to host its professional golf tournament in 1928; the first of four L.A. Open events to be held there. The Club and its golf course quickly become one of the finest private establishments in the whole country.


Wilshire is again selected to host the Los Angeles Open golf tournament in both 1931 and 1933. The 1930’s is the era of the great financial depression in the United States, and many country clubs close their doors due to financial hardship. To Wilshire’s credit, it remains solvent through this difficult economical period. In 1938 a strong winter storm causes severe damage to the natural stream of water running through the entire golf course which is called a “barranca”. Both the 16th and 18th green surrounds have to be reconstructed to prevent any further storm damage to these highly respected finishing holes.


Pearl Harbor is bombed by Japan in December of 1941, and the United States goes to war. WWII lasts 4 long years and this period of time is referred to as Wilshire’s War Years. In 1944 the L.A. Open holds its last professional golf tournament at Wilshire in an effort to raise money for war bonds. Many Wilshire members serve in the war, and they return to their homes and their beloved Club upon the war’s end. Olin Dutra, a world famous professional golfer who won both The U.S. Open in 1934 and the PGA in 1932 is Wilshire’s head golf professional from 1935 to 1945.


The inauguration of the first Macbeth Tournament takes place in 1950, and is now regarded as the premier amateur tournament in all of Southern California. Ellsworth Vines, a former professional tennis champion, and Jerry Barber who won the PGA in 1961 serve as the head Golf Professionals at Wilshire during the era of the 1950’s.


Conversation begins in the late 1960’s to determine whether to remodel the original Spanish style Clubhouse, or construct a brand new one. A brand new Mediterranean style Clubhouse prevails, and construction begins in the late 1960’s. Frank Morey becomes the head Golf Professional in 1963 and remains in that capacity for the next 25 years.


The new Mediterranean style Clubhouse is unveiled in 1971, and it remains the members’ sanctuary for the next 30 years. The original Clubhouse lasted for 50 years, and it is finally demolished upon the completion of the new one much to the disappointment of many members who were strongly in favor of remodeling it. The original Clubhouse was located directly on the corner of Rossmore Avenue and Beverly Blvd. where the guest parking lot is now located.


The population of Los Angeles continues to expand, and Wilshire’s growth and prestige grows exponentially during this decade of financial stability. There is a proposal to introduce tennis courts to the Club in the early 1980’s that is soundly defeated. Once and for all the members determine that Wilshire is to remain a Club solely dedicated to the game of golf. Rick Rielly succeeds Frank Morey as the Head Golf professional in 1988, where remains a popular fixture to the present day. In 1988 Wilshire becomes the first private Club in the Los Angeles area to break the color barrier; a great milestone in the Club’s history.


A controversial scenario develops during this decade by a group of members wishing to sell the Club to rapidly growing Japanese business interests. A general meeting is held with overwhelming member attendance, and a vote is taken whether or not to entertain the possibility of selling the Club. The motion is narrowly defeated, and any thoughts of ever selling the Club again is quietly put to rest. Beginning 1995 the Professional Senior Golf Tour comes to Wilshire for 6 straight years concluding its last Senior Classic in 2000.


In 2001 the Ladies Professional Golf Tour comes to Wilshire for 1 year only because in 2002 the Club begins the process of completely remodeling its Clubhouse. Except for the kitchen area, the Clubhouse is stripped to the bare walls, and a completely new Mediterranean/Spanish style Clubhouse is constructed at a cost of $13 million dollars. The members make due for 18 months in a modular 3,000 sq. foot clubhouse erected in the Club’s parking lot until the new Clubhouse reopened in 2002. In 2008/2009 a complete restoration of the golf course also takes place in an effort to return the course to the original architectural design of its creator, Norman Macbeth.


The complete golf course restoration is orchestrated by the noted golf course architect, Kyle Phillips. The restoration turns out to be a complete success, and is heralded in GolfClubAtlas.com as “Wilshire’s return to its prestige as one of Los Angeles’ finest golf courses”. In 2015, further golf course enhancements take place in the form of creating natural waste areas that require minimum water to maintain. This is done in an effort to conserve water in the perpetually dry Los Angeles basin desert in future years.


Wilshire Country Club celebrates its 100th Centennial Birthday, and looks forward to another successful 100 years of private golf enjoyment in the heart of Los Angeles.


Norman Macbeth Invitational

69th Annual Macbeth, May 23-26, 2019

Advancing the Sport of Golf

"The Macbeth was founded in 1950 and honors Norman Macbeth, one of Wilshire's most distinguished members. Norman was an outstanding amateur golfer, a distinguished golf course architect, and a founding member of Wilshire.

The Macbeth consists of a 54 hole, stroke play two man tournament, and spans the course of three days. Members of the low net team will be declared the official Macbeth Champions. The nine -hole Scotch event takes place the Thursday prior.

Norman Macbeth was a man of numerous achievements, and it could probably be stated that no one man has contributed more to golf in California. The Macbeth is a tribute to the man, his contribution to golf, and his memory."


October 3, 4, 5, 2019

Welcome to the 44th Wilshire Invitational Member - Guest Tournament to be held October 3, 4, 5, 2019.  Thirty-six teams will play in the Thursday 9 hole modified Scotch Event at 3:00 pm with the Tournament Kick-Off Party to follow.  On Friday and Saturday, the seventy two team field will play five 9-hole better ball matches, with all flight winners advancing to the Saturday afternoon Derby.  Fourteen teams will play in the 3-hole Scotch Derby.  We look forward to your participation in this year’s event!

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  • Appropriate Attire for Ladies and Gentlemen
    • Skirts, divided skirts, Capri pants, golf dresses and tailored slacks are acceptable attire for ladies.  Bermuda-type shorts may be worn on the Golf Course, Patio, lower level of the Clubhouse, Grill Room and Informal Dining Room.  Ladies are allowed to wear hats throughout the Clubhouse.

    • Shirts with a collar, Oxford, Nehru or mock turtlenecks, slacks and/or golf shorts are acceptable attire for men.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Men are allowed to wear hats only in the Golf Shop and on the Golf Course.  Hat bills must be facing forward at all times.

    • Tennis Attire, tank tops, warm-up clothing, see through and/or low cut dresses and shirts, medical scrubs, sweat, yoga pants and Cargo shorts are not permitted.  T-shirts are not permitted anywhere in the clubhouse aside from the Locker Room and Fitness Center.

    • Denim may be worn in the Grill Room, Patio, Macbeth Bar, Locker Room and for specified events.  Denim must be in good condition without cut or stains.

    • Open toe sandals, heels and boots are permitted.  Appropriate golf shoes are expected on the Golf Course.  Metal-ceramic "hard" spikes and flip-flops are prohibited. 

  • Clubhouse Rules and Guidelines
    • The use of personal electronic devices such as cell and smartphones is generally restricted on all Club property.  All such devices must be placed on silent mode when entering the Club.

    • Phone calls are not permitted on the Patio or anywhere in the Clubhouse.  All phone calls may only be used in the Member or Guest parking lot, the Card Room and the handicapped entrance ramp adjacent to the Member's entrance. 

    • Members and their guests have expectation of privacy when they visit the Club.  Please refrain from asking any Member or their guests for photos and autographs.  Please do not take a photo or record a video of a Member or guest without their permission.

    • Smoking is prohibited in all rooms of the Clubhouse and Golf Shop except on the Patio and designated smoking areas outside of the Clubhouse.

    • All guests are expected to park in the Guest parking lot.  Please refer to the Security Booth upon entrance for further instructions.

We appreciate guests observing our Guidelines and respect our Member's home away from home!